Conference Hangover – FitBloggin’ 2013

Let’s start with FitBloggin‘ because I’m still processing World Domination Summit. Actually, I’m still processing FitBloggin’ too, but if I don’t write it out now, I never will. I know myself well enough by now.

I will say though, that I wish WDS had happened before FitBloggin’, because I might have treated FitBloggin’ differently. A mini confession: a week before FitBloggin’ I was debating on whether I even wanted to continue blogging at all, and I was heavily leaning towards shutting it all down. Not the greatest epiphany to have right before a conference about blogging!

Luckily, the weekend as a whole reignited a spark in me for blogging that has been missing for a while (yay!) so this really isn’t a recap post (so many of those to read already!) as much as it is a “what I learned” mishmash of lists and photos and words and emotions and sparkles and confetti. Okay fine, no confetti, but I won’t object to you throwing your own!

Okay, I lied. It’s mostly photos, and not nearly enough! I guess on the one hand, I did spend most of my time just being present and not worrying about getting ALL THE PHOTOS, but on the other hand…well, what you see is pretty much all I’ve got. Ha!

The hotel was beautiful (with nightly turn down service!) and I spent more time walking around downtown Portland with Kate and Tara in four days than I’ve done since college. I like to drive everywhere, but walking so much made me realize that nothing is really that far away in this city and I really should leave the car at home a little more.

I also realized on Monday, that I really didn’t make the effort to meet that many new people. I did technically meet a lot of new people, but I didn’t actually get to know anyone new. I did, however, get to meet in person most of the local bloggers I’ve been Tweeting with for years, so that was super fun! Next year though, I’m going to make the effort (even as a shy introvert) to really get to know some new people, even if my brain is yelling ‘run, run, run away!”. [if you now have a Bruno Mars song stuck in your head, we should definitely be friends :) ]

As a native Portlander, there were also a few things that I did for the first time! That’s the only problem with living in a ‘hip’ city — I don’t vacation here and do all the cool things

  • Stood in line at VooDoo Donuts
  • Got lunch at a food cart
  • Drank Stumptown coffee

but now that I’ve done them, I think I might like to try pretending to be a tourist more often. ;)

And now I present you with — Scary things I did at FitBloggin’ that I can now cross off my “I’m too fat to do that right now” list:

addtnl fitbloggin13

  •  Hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls with Tara
  • Participated in a dance/fitness Flash Mob
  • Walked in a fitness wear fashion show

If I got nothing else out of FitBloggin’ this year (because of my own choices, not because it wasn’t a fantastic event!) I learned that I need to stop worrying about what other people think and just participate in life, and I need to say yes more, even when I’m scared out of my mind, because I’ll never know just how awesome it could actually turn out to be.

I might have more to say later as I process the last two weeks, but for now … que the confetti!


**The big group photo and fashion show photo are courtesy of the official event photographer Carrie D Photography


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